Well Happy New Year to you! Don’t know how you spent your holidays but we spent it (in-between beach time) reading and learning about design, marketing and advertising. So here we are – the new model, faster, smarter and able to leap over buildings*

Based on what we’ve read and seen here are the top trends we expect to see this year. Impress your friends by pointing them out when you see them around town.

The bold and the beautiful

Bold, bright and pop colours started making an appearance towards the end of last year. Though some touted this as a rebellion against the muted, white minimalism that swept through the last few years, we see it more as an addition to it. That’s right minimalism is here to stay (for now), but just add a dash of bright pop colour to it. Follow us on instagram to see it in action over the coming months.

Responsive logos

The rapid rise of mobile browsing created critical usability issues for traditional websites. And so the responsive website was born. Whereas a mobile website is a seperate website build for mobile only, it basically excludes or shrinks the size down; a Reponsive website is one website that automatically scales, reshuffles content depending on the screen size.

The idea of altering logos to meet the same user demands has largely remained unthinkable… until now. Companies have been refreshing their logos into modern, simplified versions over the past few years and responsive logo design is the logical next step in meeting the demands of today.

All hail the queen – Video

Not exactly putting my neck on the line in predicting video will be big. It already is. However, as always, the usefulness of video depends on what the website and designer are trying to achieve. I believe hero/background video has a place on desktop – for example, visit the new Barbican website (launched in late 2017) and see how the video background conveys the scale and splendour of the Barbican’s architecture.

I like to move it, move it – animation & GIFs

When it comes to larger animations, GIFs and SVGs are valuable tools for communicating ideas, concepts and processes while making content more engaging for users. Add interest to ads, email newsletters, illustrations, icons and logos by taking advantage of this trend. Animated GIF logos have really become a trend of their own and it’s easy to see why—they’re slick, clever and extremely appealing.

Semi-flat design

Like gradients, shadows were put on the back burner as we stripped back our designs in favor of extreme minimalism and two-dimensional design. But as we move towards adding bold colour and gradients into design some depth is need. But think large, soft, sometimes colored and subtle depth and dimension unlike their harsh, overused, black “drop-shadow” predecessors.


Beyond retro – Palettes & patterns

From pretty pastels to electric hues, color schemes from the 80’s and 90’s have been gaining popularity once again. With the movement away from ultra-flat designs, expect to see the abstract and geometric patterns inspired by the era move from the fringes into the mainstream as well.


While trends are great to help your design look modern and relevant, remember less is more. Design what works best for your users/customers. This is our biggest trend prediction – User-Centred Design (different to Human-Centred Design, but we’ll let you google that).


*We are still working on the leaping over buildings part.