Case Study

Working Hands Cream

New product launch advertising campaign

Campaign Concept
Graphic Design
Finished Artwork

The Challenge

Launch of a new product into market comes with it’s usual challenge – stand out from competitors, get the core message across, attract an audience. Working Hands cream came with an added challenge that it was positioned in a market that was newly created – hand cream for damaged hands, not just a cosmetic cream with a nice fragrance. The cream had to appeal to a wider demographic (male, female and different age groups).

The Solution

The packaging design used the exisiting NS brand look but was change to use flat colours. The warm grey was used as it appeals to both genders and age groups.

To separate Plunkett’s Working Hands from its competitors we kept the design of the advertising and point-of-sale simple, with bold colours and typography. The green, textured background was used to create a gritty look while keeping the brand colour consistent. The pops of pink to highlight key messages. The copy was kept simple and direct. We wanted the customer to know exactly what the product does and the promise. This campaign was then rolled out to video, print advertising, social media and website.

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